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How It Works

Getting started with your Interior Design can get stressful and unpredictable.

Team Artscape is here for you to make this journey easier and memorable. Over years of experience we have established a super solid process that makes design and execution fall in place, Just Right !

Below is a step-by-step guide to how the process works.

1. Lets Chat

We start off by getting to know you better! Your likes & dislikes, your lifestyle & preferences. We figure out everything that matters the most to you.

2. The quote

Our expert team provides you with a quick quote. Once agreed upon you get on board with us!

3. Concept Development

This step will include lots of mood boards, look & feel images and a few layout options for your interiors.

4. 3D Views

Post finalizing on concepts, Photo realistic 3D visuals of your space will be created. This step gives you a fair idea of how your interiors will turn out eventually.

5. Working Drawings

Detailed drawings of floor, ceiling, electrical, rooms, furniture will be made by our experienced team. These are then handed over to our execution team for them to understand how exactly to build out your interiors.

6. Material Procurement

Shopping time! Our team procures the best off the shelf plus bespoke products that are shown in your 3D Renders.

7. Site Work Begins

With timely supervision it's time to kickstart the work on site.

8. Styling

Candles, curtains, clocks are equally important to us as much as your furniture. Styling with the essential decor products is done to create the final look.

9. The reveal

It's time for the big reveal. You can finally pack your bags and move into your new home!.